Polenta La Delizia® - A tradition from Friuli

If you travel through Friuli Venezia Giulia region, ask for 'La Delizia': our product

Actually, the polenta, real palate delight, is the typical and the most famous dish in the North of Italy, an healthy, very tasty and nutritious food.
Our company name, La Delizia®, identify the only one polenta, well-known for his many virtues: ready to be eat, this product, respects faithfully the traditional 'friulana' recipe.

The tastiness of this product derives from the quality of the flours are used to produce it, from a handmade work and from an exclusive cooking system. In fact, the primary products used for the production of polenta will became polenta only after 60 minutes of patient cooking, carried out by machines who have supplanted the work usually did, once upon a time by the traditional saucepan called 'paiolo'
In these favorables conditions you have to imagine that in the inner steel of the saucepan borders, the product form, in a thin layer, the classic "polenta crust"

All these confer to polenta an unmistakable aroma and his traditional taste