Our story

Our story began in Friuli Venezia Giulia in 1985 in Casarsa Della Delizia, a town on the East bank of the nearby Tagliamento river. Our close links to this deeply rural area, where the old values and traditions are still held dear, led us to create La Delizia polenta.
Since then we have sought to create quality products with distinctive flavour that can be enjoyed every day, just like in the old days... and taste as good as if they were home made!

Over time, our dedication to sourcing the best ingredients, together with our traditional processing and cooking methods, have made the original La Delizia recipe a well-known product. The innovation and imagination that have always set us apart have allowed us to create new products over the years, extending our offering and adapting it to our product specialism: Polenta Happy Hour, Polenta Biologica, Polenta Snack...