A traditional food from the north east of Italy

If you visit the Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, make sure you order ‘La Delizia’. You’ll probably be given polenta - ours!

Polenta is a truly delicious dish - in fact, it’s northern Italy’s most famous traditional dish. Not only that - it’s also healthy, tasty and nutritious. The label we produce, La Delizia®, designates a unique polenta, renowned for two great qualities: it’s ready to eat and made faithfully to the traditional Friulian recipe.

The goodness of the product comes from the quality of the flour we use, from our traditional processing method and from our innovative cooking process. The ingredients become polenta only after slow, patient cooking using machines that replicate the work of traditional Italian ‘paioli’ or cooking pans. In the ideal conditions created, the classic crust of the polenta forms a thick layer on the inside edges of the pans.

All this gives the polenta its unmistakeable traditional aroma and flavour.

Polenta, a high-quality food that’s healthy and nutritious

he quality of our product is based on the careful selection of raw materials, sourced from exclusive producers: the traditional way to guarantee the authenticity of our polenta.
Our flours are certified and the level of quality is guaranteed by rigorous checks based on the food safety requirements of international standards For us, every phase of the production cycle is important. That’s why we’ve decided to follow all of them, individually selecting the producers of the raw ingredients we use.

Polenta is low in fat and excellent for a balanced diet. Every 100g of product consumed provides the following nutritional values:
calories 359 kcal, fat 2,70 g, carbohydrate 79,90 g, protein 8,70 g.

An important feature of this foodstuff is the absence of gluten.
There is an increasing number of coeliac sufferers who cannot eat gluten due to an intolerance to the combination of proteins it contains. Polenta is a good alternative to other cereals that contain gluten, and is therefore a safe food for coeliac sufferers.